Chronological Bible Teaching
Many of those who love the Bible cannot tell its story. 

Understanding the story of the Bible resembles the assembly of a puzzle. 

The picture on the puzzle box provides the enticement for assembling the pieces found inside the box. Assemblers begin by connecting the straight edges and corners to form the framework for the remaining pieces, then they coordinate these pieces by color and then begin assembling the puzzle. We’ve not done that with Bible study!

Many women know the books of the Bible and even know a few of the books it contains well, but they cannot tell the story it tells. Without the cover and the straight edges of the puzzle the various pieces cannot be fully appreciated.

Chronological Bible Teaching is not your basic fill-in-the-blank Bible study. CBT is designed to:
  • Expand Biblical worldview
  • Develop self-feeders
  • Equip reproducers
Who Know:
  • Who God is
  • Who they are in relationship with Him
  • What God has done and is doing
  • How they can join Him
Chronological Bible Teaching gives women the overall story of the Bible (picture on the front of the box) and the chronology of the story (the straight edges and the corners of the puzzle). This tool has given countless women a new appreciation and understanding of storyline of the Bible and their place in that story.

Iva May served alongside her husband, Stan, with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention in Zimbabwe, Africa. During their years in Zimbabwe, Stan learned about the Chronological Bible Storying evangelistic method under one of its pioneers, Dr. Jim Slack.

After their return to the U.S. Iva took a seminary class, Chronological Bible Storying, and sensed the Lord moving her to modify this concept and develop the Chronological Bible Discipleship ™ materials to use with women in the States. She has since employed this tool to disciple women for nearly a decade. Iva rejoices that God has used this tool to increase women’s understanding of the big story of the Bible and the Author of the Bible as He interacts with His people. Unpacking the rich theology from the stories by asking inferential questions enables women to understand the ways of God with His people, to address world view issues, and to possess a reproducible tool with which to equip others.   


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